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We speak with an Archaeologist (and Sprint Nightmare part 1)

The coolest underwater drone

How your Apple Watch will save your life (literally)

Silicon Valley’s most interesting lawyer

Obama’s favorite makers’ space, TechShop

Your pass to coworking

Building a better Netflix

A better way to listen to podcasts

A better business card

A drug company that wants you to spend less

The Chicago Restaurant King, David Morton

Tom wants to change how you travel

Mapping success

Brewing cider at home, because ‘alcohol makes everything better’

This startup sells premium coffee to celebrities, featuring Bleu Coffee

Dabbling in transition

Can you make craft instant coffee? Kalle Freese thinks he can

3D printing in 100 years, with Rees Calder from My Mini Factory

HR that doesn’t suck, Jennifer Shoop from Fizz

The NoSleep Podcast, be very afraid

Electric paint with Matt Johnson from Bare Conductive

The Most Popular Aquarium Ever on Kickstarter

Don’t pay your bar tab (with a credit card)

How to teach a founder, with Nik Rokop

The Great War, a great (YouTube) documentary with their host Indy Neidell

Floating tents with Alex Shirley-Smith from Tentsile

How to raise $1.8M on Indiegogo with Chris Houle from Phazon

How to Technori, with Xaptum and Katie Lord

The Angel of Hyde Park, Jeff Carter of Hyde Park Angels and West Loop Ventures

Marc Lobliner is not (just) a bodybuilder

An Optimally Designed show (with Joe Wascow from Optimal Design)

Why we changed our name

This startup is feeding the needy, with pictures of your food (with Andrew Glantz from GiftAMeal)

The life and times of Alan Matthew

Soldier to Founder with Kyle Donnelly from Club 1933

How to save 720 million hours with Jerry Freeman from Pro Material Solutions

Electric bikes the future of commuting with Taco Carlier from VANMOOF

The big Dawg at Chop Dawg Josh Davidson

Virtual Reality explained by the Kickstarter super star OPTO (with Richard Stephens)

We lose some weight with All Day Nutrition (with Tim Blaha and Dustin Demumbrum)

The Global Startup Movement (with Andrew Berkowitz)

Equity Crowdfunding FAQ with Howard Orloff from VestLo

Friday the 13th Horror Stories with Scott Kitun

Pastor Moss’s thoughts on the South-side’s startup scene

We take a much needed vacation… on a train (with Todd Powell from Vacations by Rail)

Meet the guys in college who actually like doing laundry (with Glen and Naveen)

Tiny Bubbles that make a big impact (with Len Bland from Nano Gas Technologies)

So you can’t code, but your starting a tech startup… (with Fahad Siddiqui)

The Life and Times of Mark Miklosz (Entrepreneur vs. Intrapreneur)

Let’s shoot a commercial with Cory and Alan Lusk, from CALVISIONS

Enviromental entrepreneurship with Jerry Strub

A quick show update with Kate Miklosz

How to start a prosperous Social Venture with Anna Lloyd

Success comes from failing with Alex Marck (Chicago Trump Rally Bonus)

Let’s sell some wine (with Joe Sheahan from Savvo)